Implementing Correlation Ids in ASP.NET MVC 6 Part 1

One design pattern related to micro services that I have read about and wanted to try to implement is correlation id's. Correlation id's allow distributed tracing within complex service oriented platforms, where a single request into the application can often be dealt with by multiple downstream services. Without the ability to correlate downstream service requests … Continue reading Implementing Correlation Ids in ASP.NET MVC 6 Part 1

Setting up a New MVC 6 Project with Serilog, DryIoc, and

I am creating a new template project that implements a number of new technologies and design patterns that I have been wanting to learn more about and will be sharing want I learn along the way. Serilog The first thing I wanted to do was setupĀ SerilogĀ in a new ASP.NET MVC 6 project. I came across … Continue reading Setting up a New MVC 6 Project with Serilog, DryIoc, and

ASP.NET 5 Configuration

I am currently researching the new ASP.NET 5 configuration system. Microsoft has re-architected it to provide the following features. Strongly typed classes for configuration values Automatic type conversion from configuration store to class properties Default values for configuration values Optional encryption of individual keys using the user secrets store Support for multiple configuration objects simultaneously … Continue reading ASP.NET 5 Configuration


What is a container? Operating-system-level visualization What is Docker? Docker and Linux Containers Docker What is Docker? Docker Registry Docker Orchestration Docker Machine Docker Swarm Docker Compose Docker Command Line (CLI) Containers in Azure Visual Studio 2015 RC Tools for Docker - Preview The Docker Virtual Machine Extension for Linux on Azure Tutorials/Training Scott Hanselman's … Continue reading Containers